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Blogger replaces old layout with new one

Blogger Came with a newer interface to their Users . They make their design more versatile and worked more on icons for their gadget . This redesign of make blogger’s feel happy will a rejuvenating look of their favorite blogging interface . The unique part of this redesign is the design of new logo’s for different options in your Page Element Section .

Here are some of the New Redesigns ,

This is the new Dashboard with your profile at left , and your blogs listed in decent order .

This is your new Page element , i mean the new Gadget Page . You can see some refreshing Icons before each options and a plus button at the right .

This Design looks pretty stylish when compared to the earlier page element page . Thanks for the Blogger Team for this mighty update .

Adsense news updates

Google has not approved any bloggers for adsense in for 10 days.

Ever since google has started adsense, google has not done like this. What does people feel about it. As far as Techtod has reviewed people, there are more and more users are applying for adsense daily which indicates their eager to earn online, because of which google has lightly modified the terms and policies to restrict the revenue of pay. US have reduced the revenue policies, so google offers less cents now a days. Also the proportion of pay ratio is very less. We may expect more restriction here after.

Where to place your ad?

This is the best ad for content that suits for websites having more contents and wide screen. The size of this ad 728*90 pixel. This displays 4 ads on a display page with url linked below. This is Horizontal ad unit.

Best Placement: You can place this ad above all posts, below your site banner frame.

Suits best for displaying ads between posts, this displays 2 ads on a front page highly related to content in a horizontal manner. Size of this is 468*60 pixel.

Best Placement: Between posts and by side of website banner

3. Half Banner:

This is 234*60 pixel sized banner displaying only one ad unit on a page. This is best suited for sites that can be merged or embedded in a post. This is also Horizontal ad unit

Best Placement: Embedding in posts

4. SkyScrapper:
Now the vertical ad unit starts. The similar ad unit of leaderboard is skyscrapper but differs only in direction. Size is 120*600 pixels.

Best Placement: Any side panels.

5. Wide skyscrapper:

This is same as skyscrapper, but it describes the ad more detailed than the previous one. Size is 160*600 pixels.

Best Placement: Embedding in content, especially posts which come for the whole page

6.All Rectangles and Squares:
This depicts as if it is a site content. Users will be attracted highly by these ad units.

Best Placement: Either above posts or merged as inline in posts


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